Berzerk class frigate


30 peaceful years after the Cylon War, the Colonial Fleet was under budget limitations, so a way to maximize resources was needed. Battlestars were too expensive and not always appropriate for the mission, so a smaller class of warship with plenty of firepower was called for.
The Berzerk class frigate was a compromise hoped to solve this dilemma. They were designed to be modular, allowing the main body to be switched out for other components. This enabled the Colonial Fleet to have a versatile ship that can be used for a variety of missions.
The standard module is a combination flight bay and kinetic weapons platform. Other modules include pure heavy weapons, nuclear missile silos, or advanced communications and control. After upgrading its FTL drives, it was found that the main body could not house the new systems, so one of the FTL drives was placed in the module.
To give such a small ship a powerful punch, each Berzerk housed an entirely new class of weapon, the Rail Cannon. This axial mounted gun had the potential to cut a battlestar in half with a single shot, although it takes time to charge its capacitors between firing. It is a complex system however, so it’s difficult to maintain.
Each ship also mounts a pair of Mk XVI missile launchers, capable of deploying armor piercing, high explosive, or nuclear warheads.
These escorts had one drawback however, with so much space devoted to weapons; they depend on resupply from battlestars for extended missions.


1 Forward Spine mounted Rail Cannon
10 Turret mounted Quad Kinetic Energy Weapons
10 Turret mounted Twin Light KEWs
2 Heavy missile launchers
20 Mk VII Vipers
8 Raptors
2 Shuttles


Odysius Vors